According to The Urban Dictionary “got it on lock” means to

“To be in 100% control of a particular situation, and to have previously orchestrated a favorable conclusion.”

The Urban Dictionary also defines “lockdown” as

“control over something or someone.”

For me, having one’s Catholic faith on “lockdown” refers to “something” as our time and the “someone” as ourselves.

My friends in local politics always say “I’ve got this campaign on lockdown” referencing their battle plan for the race. 

My professional educator friends often say, “I’ve got my lesson plans (or syllabus) “on lockdown.” This means we have our lectures and assignments geared up in place for the semester.

The same holds true for our faith if we choose to maintain focus during another form or “lockdown” that is restricted to our homes during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

The Catholic Dictionary at Catholic explains the notion of QUARANTINE within the Catholic church

“According to the ancient Church, a rigorous fast of forty days. It was an ecclesiastical penalty imposed by a confessor. Later on it came to be applied to partial indulgences and meant that the amount of temporal punishment removed was equivalent to that remitted by the ancient canonical penalty.”

Putting your faith on lockdown is a rethinking of the negative connotation of quarantine within the current global pandemic and reclaiming that term within the context of the Catholic faith.

It is a time for rumination, turning back to Our Lord Jesus Christ, finding guidance through Our Blessed Mother, and modeling the lives of the Saints. 

This is our time to pray for all those Litanies, Chaplets Rosaries, Novenas that we have always aspired. Or reading books that we never had time for before the global pandemic.

Within a larger cultural context deploying the term quarantine results in the historical elements of quarantine within the Catholic Church being focused rather than lost in translation.

The Catholics were using the word “quarantine” long before COVID-19.

Since many of us are in states where we are on “lockdown” as ordered by governmental authorities for safety measures, it is an opportunity for Catholics to use this time for self-reflection, prayer, and using online sources available place safety measures for our soul. The quarantine has been imposed, but we make of it what we choose to enact.

Ive discovered the Traditional Latin Mass
during the pandemic.


Divine Mercy Sunday April 24, 2022