A year ago I purchased my first two of the Liturgy of the Hours/Divine Office 4 volume set of books. And then a few months later purchased the second two volumes.   

I watched literally every video on YouTube about The Liturgy of the Hours/The Divine Office and took notes. I purchased a variety of books. I was so lost. I wanted to learn this prayer of the Church but it was overwhelming.  

Frustrated! I prayed a Novena to Saint Teresa of Ávila, Thérèse of Lisieux (The Little Flower) and Saint Faustina. Of course Saint Teresa of Jesus helped out Saint Faustina when Saint Faustina was in a predicament!  

And Blam! Something told me “research online classes.” And Blam again! I found  the Cathedral of Saint Jude The Apostle! Immediately I watched all the class videos and took up this series of classes. I actually took both the one volume Christian Prayer class and the 4 volume class. I’m also signed up to take the 4 volume class AGAIN which is on the horizon.  

The courses from the instructor Dr. Charmine Carter were a total game changer for me learning The Liturgy of the Hours/The Divine Office. Thanks to Charmaine, I understood now to navigate the books and the wow what a game changer!  

I took a 3 hour class with Saint Thomas More House of Prayer. It was a wonderful experience meeting so many Catholics from all over the states! Sign up for their newsletter and the Saint Thomas More House of Prayer will mail you a copy of their free, beautiful resource for night prayer.   


The Divine Office: what is it and why pray it?  

A talk by Sr Carino, on the 17th June – 7 to 8.30 pm (be sure to use a time conversion as this class is being held in the UK) to discover the official prayer of the Church and how to participate in it.   

Here is the online course description: 

The Divine Office: What is it & why pray it? 

“The Divine Office is one of the Church’s best-kept secrets. Every day, thousands of priests, religious and laypeople around the world join in with this prayer of the Church. Where does the Divine Office come from, what is it for, and why do we pray it? How can we use the Divine Office to help our catechesis and to deepen our own faith? Join us on Zoom to find out!

There will be time for questions and discussion at the end. “ 

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