From the event page:

Dear Sisters in Christ,

What if you could be at peace most of the time?

 It may seem impossible amidst the daily demands of life, but peace is possible, Jesus has said so himself, and we want to explore it together with you.

 On March 12-14, Virtual Catholic Conference™ will be hosting its free annual National Catholic Women’s Conference, with this year’s theme – My Peace I Give You.

  • Discover women just like you sharing similar struggles, and how their finding freedom in Faith
  • Learn how prayer enhances your vocation as a mother, spouse, professional, and friend
  • Experience how God Multiplies our time and energy when we make prayer a priority
  • Stop wasting time and energy on guilt, comparison, and resentment and become fully alive as a Catholic Woman

The virtual event is free for the conference weekend, with options to get extended premium access throughout 2021.

We hope that you will join us! Register for free today and join thousands of Catholic women as we grow in receptivity to the Peace that Jesus gives.

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