I have attended so many online Masses since March. These Masses are situated all over the world, occurring at different times of the day. I guess this is one instance in which “Catholic Church hopping” can be a good thing. 

Many of these Masses bring me tears as I take part from home. Soon I will post links to some of my favorite YouTube channels where Masses are offered for the public to view online.  

However, I wanted to kick it off with my new finds this week. Wow, what a Blessing we have for such Holy Priests who are providing Daily Mass online. Please pray for our Priests.

Sunday 1:00 PM CST Traditional Latin Tridentine

Homily entitled “The Call to Sinners” explicates the importance of confession. The Priest reminds us that when we move away from God, He pulls back on his Grace. And Grace calls us to invoke the name of Jesus.

Sunday 8PM CST Novus Ordo

Wonderful Homily, the takeaway “Jesus I Love you” should be part of our daily internal dialogue. 

Monday 11AM CST Novus Ordo

The Priest relates the daily reading for us to focus on what is essential, that is to repent because the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. And he reads passages from Letters of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton to her Sisters regarding the interior life to be with God, who wants to be in our hearts. The life of Jesus in us and that “immortal crowns await us.”

Wednesday 9PM CST Novus Ordo

Jesus is your lifeboat. The Bishop clarifies that only Jesus can dispel fears and calm our lifeboat. Do not be afraid as Jesus is close. Fear is deeply rooted in power, prestige and wealth. Eternal life dispels the fear because with eternal life, power, prestige and wealth disappear in value.

Thursday Noon CST Traditional Latin Tridentine

One major takeaway for me is the utmost importance to pray for our Priests. There was much packed into this Homily. 

The YouTube channel designed for online attendees. The Priest, Father Zuhlsdorf, will chat with the attendees after Mass. It is a blessing to take part in an online community after Mass. It is not like we are observers to those who are at the “bricks and mortar” Church, this is a Mass for those attending virtually.

The Blessing was powerful. And one is in the presence of many relics! The Priest talks right to the camera, the audience is very fortunate to have this Priest serving Mass online. unique camera angles. Here is Father Zuhlsdorf’s blog. https://wdtprs.com