When the COIVD-19 pandemic began, the Catholic Church made Mass accessible to Catholic’s on lockdown. It was groundbreaking, the sheer number of daily livestreams that burst out and still continue.

It is truly remarkable how the Catholic Church is currently broadcasting so many live Masses. It’s also amazing to think that I am praying with fellow Catholics across the state, the United States, or even in another country at the same time.

I’ve taken part virtually in Mass “all over the world.” It is fascinating to see how each Church creates a sense of sacred space across cultures.

Most noteworthy is to witness the different religious orders. I’ve prayed with Nuns in Ireland, with Priests in Wrocław, Poland, and even went one evening to Mass in Abu Dhabi, UAE. And the bells during Mass in India are of the culture.

It is just inspiring to discover how other Catholics pray the same Mass I’ve grown to appreciate, centered in their own way of life. 

Below are some “Mass trackers” so that you can quickly determine when a Mass is accessible anytime of the day. 

Top Image: by Leonardo da Vinci