There are so many unique skills that one can learn while on lockdown. Ive learned how to garden, create new vegetarian dishes, I’m reading a variety of books, and my kitchen has never been more organized.

Many of us have invested countless hours each day working from home, for me well over 12 hours a day teaching online. And sometimes a new hobby is the RX needed as a mental reset. For me, it has been learning a new language.

I’ve never been good at picking up a new language. However, the musical elements of learning Latin with the massive resources of Gregorian chant recordings have made it quite enjoyable and profitable to my prayer life.

If you can memorize a pop tune from the radio, my theory is the same holds true for singing along with Gregorian chants. And it happened in my life.

I buckled down on my Latin studies the Thursday after the November Election Day to stay positive. In just one month, I cheerfully chant along with the audio recordings from The Daughters of Mary.

I wanted to share two of the classes that I am taking at Udemy Academy.


Sing the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Latin! | Udemy 

The instructor is witty, students will enjoy the cutest video footage of her singing the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary with her kids. And her coverage of the Little Office is robust. PDF downloads, and she also provides audio files as part of the course enrollment. 

I highly recommend this course if you are in any form or fashion considering picking up the Little Office for the New Year’s with resolutions around the corner. Of course, you can always pray the Little Office of the BVM in English. But why not kick it up a notch? 

I’ve found going to Latin Mass online and listening to these recordings created a visible shift in my attitude towards life.

Latin Language: The Pronunciation of Ecclesiastical Latin

This instructor has a highly stylized practice of pedagogy. His slides are great and he shows in clips how to pronounce the words with very clear facial channels. If you are a visual learner and want to learn how to pronounce words correctly, this is your instructor.