January 09, 2018 I interviewed a friend of mine who is a Lutheran pastor. We are friends from local politics. Tim’s story about the power of The Most Holy Rosary and Sister Ruby was the second turning point in inspiring me to pray the Rosary.

I found the mp3 file and the story is so compelling felt it should be one of the first blog posts at this new website.

The interview was conducted at a local coffee shop in San Marcos, Texas called Wake the Dead and it was fun to have such a deep conversation outside and pray out in the open, something I had not been accustomed to in January of 2018.

I am about to embark on my fourth year of praying the Rosary and its perfect timing when this interview was conducted and the creation of this website and the New Year of 2021 days around the corner.

I will share the first turning point of how I came to start to pray The Most Holy Rosary from one photo that was texted to me, which changed my life.

Pastor Tim's Story About the Power of The Rosary and Sister Ruby

Pictured above is a Rosary made by cloistered Sisters in the contemplative convent of Swinice Warckie, Poland with a relic of Saint Faustina.

Also pictured is a Chaplet with a relic of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus from the Society of The Little Flower.

The Scapular is handmade by The Sisters of Carmel.

The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary can also be purchased from The Sisters of Carmel. The English and Latin are side by side in the book. 

The photo at the top of this post is a Rosary that I made for myself that used to pray on allot while driving from San Marcos to Austin to teach. I just loved the lapidary qualities of the Rosary and the huge beads as well as the qualities of the Crucifix and Infant of Prague Medal.